Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Pay per click (PPC)

Search Engine Marketing is part of Digital Marketing where we increase the visibility of website in Google search engine through the paid advertising. Search engine marketing is also a form of internet marketing which involves the promotion of website by increasing the ranking of website in Google search engine.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is growing much faster than traditional advertising and any other channels of online marketing. SEM can help the business or any organisation to optimize their marketing, reaching more audience and getting more customers.

Search Engine Marketing is not an easy process because we have to invest money here for advertising and we have to check Return on Investment (ROI) in short span of time. SEM is doing by only some of big digital marketing company because here we have manage the investment and sales both. Digital Marketing Global are providing this service at low cost comparison to other digital marketing company.

We use various type of tools for search engine marketing like “Google Keyword Planner” for searching the best related keywords and “Google AdWords” for running the ads.

Some basic concepts and terms of Search Engine Marketing:

pay per click (PPC)


Keyword is the set or words that searcher put on Google search engine. It’s a group of words or phrase uses in search like ‘what is the best tool for SEM’, ‘Best Digital Marketing company’ in Bangalore’.


We have to define the degree of correspondence between the keywords which we have chosen for ads and the term which users enters in search engine. This is known as Concordance. And the keyword should be match mostly.

Text ad

Text ad is a standard type of ads which can be shown in search result. Here we add only text in Title, Headline and short description about the business.

Ad group

In the Google ads, we have Ad group where we add several ads for similar keywords so that we can optimize the campaign to see which ad is performing best in search engine.


In Google ads, Campaign is like a primary keywords where we add different ad groups for different keywords. One campaign could include many ad groups.

Landing Page

Landing page is the website page where user will be redirected after clicking the advertisement in the Google search engine ranking page. To achieve the Goal, Landing page must be optimized such a way that users takes the desired action like Subscribe, Download E-book etc. Keywords of landing page must be aligned with keywords in ad.

Search Network

This is place where my ads can be appear. The best place in Google search is top of the search result page or right side of the search result page.


Impression is the number of times the ads shown to the users.


Clicks is the number of times the ad has been clicked by the users.


CTR means clicks through rate so it’s percentage of click on total impression


CPC means click per cost. It’s an average cost which we spend on per click of ad.

Quality Score

Quality Score is awarded the Google to ads and keywords which also influences the cost per click. Quality score basically depends upon relevancy of ads, percentage of click and experience of landing page. Good quality score can increase the position in Google search result and lower the cost per click.


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