SEO for Real Estate Industry (SMM)

SEO for Real Estate Industry

The real estate Industry is really high competitive field comparison to others especially in big cities. In this digital era, you don’t have compete with all the real estate agent. You only need to compete in the area where you serve locally.

Depending upon the location, even your competition will be high among the small businesses but you can increase your chance by doing Local SEO.

Real estate agent dream are:
Do fewer cold calls, No meetings with unqualified prospects and generate more revenue.

Why SEO is critical for Real Estate agents?

SEO for Real Estate Industry

6 Real Estate SEO Tips

Include Local Keywords

Well, Your property is technically located in one or two cities so use the keywords related to your specific places and also do some research on your competitor keywords.

Use your address in Headline and Body

Include the proper address like Street address, City, Landmark, Zip code to your website as a part of your real estate listing strategy.

Promote the Listing on your Real Estate Website and Blog

Search engines are extremely helpful in bringing the traffic to your website but don’t depend on only that. Make sure to link your individual listing on your website and also make section on homepage to show all of your properties.

Promote your listing on Social Channels:

Post your listing link on your social media platform to give more exposure to your audience. Limit yourself to post only 1 or 2 properties weekly otherwise your audience will get annoyed.

Optimize your Image

Image are the most important part of real estate listing. Image can attract your audience towards your property and buyers want to contact you. Search engine only identifies your image with file name and alt text so make sure to add all.

Create Local Profile

Create local profile on all big directories for real estate listing. Then reach out to the online communities that will benefits your listing.


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