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Web Design: Web Design is the process of designing website interface using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Web Development: Web Development is the also the process of designing the layout of website but through using coding language like PHP, PYTHON, and ASP.

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Web Development is the process of building and maintaining a website. This works happen in the backend of website to work smoothly, look great , load faster and great user experience.

Web Design is basically the front end of website where we make layout ,text , image through HTML, CSS and Javascript to look good and best fit. We write a series of programme to bind the image and content of website to look better.

Web Developer use the programing language like PHP to ensure that the server, website and database all run smoothly.

Web Development emphasises on all the action and operation required to build and maintain the website to perform better and load faster.

Website Development Hierarchy are: 

  1. Client side coding
  2.  Server side coding
  3.  Database Technology

Most of Developer used HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT to develop the website. HTML defines the basic structure of website. In HTML, We put all layout , text in blocks to design. CSS is mainly used to give style of the text and image.

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